A pub guide for St Albans; nice and simple.

Using The St Albans Pub Crawl Planner

So you want to create a pub crawl to share with your friends, but you're not sure how? Well don't fret - It's easy!

Step One - Find A Pub

You can find a pub using our pub search, pub map, or by browsing all pubs.

Step Two - Add That Pub

This bit's easy enough. When you've found your pub you'll see a big "Add To Pub Crawl" button at the top of the sidebar. Give it a click and bingo, that pub's been added to your crawl which shows up in another box on the sidebar. Just keep adding pubs like this until you're done.

We've included a list of the five nearest pubs next to the map on each pub's page so you can see at a glance what else is nearby.

Step Three - View Your Pub Crawl

When you've added your pubs, just click on Full View to see your map, directions and complete list of pubs.

Step Four - Updating Your Pub Crawl

Need to change the order or remove a pub from the list? You can reorder the pubs just by dragging them up and down, or delete them using the red cross next to the pub name

Step Five - Share Your Pub Crawl

The perfect pub crawl is nothing without a group of friends with you, so we've included a URL which you can copy and paste into email, MSN, Facebook, or anywhere you like really to share your crawl with your friends.

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